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Hello & Welcome!

Hey there, I'm Trisha, and I'll proudly admit I'm a photography junkie – obsessed with every pixel, shutter click, and the art of freezing moments in time. Documentary on a famous photographer? Add it to my queue.

A glossy coffee table book bursting with visuals, or a local meet-up with fellow photogs?

You've got my undivided attention.

Life for me is a constant dance between snapping photos, diving into post-session edits, and engaging in lively chats with both loyal and newfound clients. My camera is my sidekick in this visual journey, right alongside the real stars of my show – my awesome family.

But let's shift the spotlight to you! Thrilled that you're here, scrolling through the pages of this site. Feel free to shoot me any questions when you're done and let's capture some memories together!

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Creative Fee


A non-refundable creative fee/retainer due at booking.

This fee includes the time and talent of the photographer, session planning, session guide, location scouting, session time, and the editing of images.

Fee will be deducted from the collection fee.


Please note the non-refundable creative fee/retainer is due upon booking to secure your date for all sessions.

*All session, à la carte, product, and add-on pricing is subject to change.

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