let me tell you mine..

Before you share your story..

Hey, I'm Trisha – your go-to gal for all things adventure and good vibes! Picture this: I'm a caffeine-fueled, nature-loving mom and grandma with a wild heart. Spontaneity is my middle name, and I thrive on the thrill of new adventures.

But here's the kicker: I'm not just about living life for myself; I'm all about empowering and encouraging others to seize the day. I'm the queen of gift-giving, a small wins celebrator, and a rain-dancing aficionado (because why not?).

Halloween isn't just a day; it's a whole season for me – costumes, spooky vibes, and all the autumn magic.

When I'm not out exploring, catch me indulging docuseries binging.

My guilty pleasures? Good macaroni and cheese paired with a classic hotdog – comfort food at its finest.

Nature is my playground, and camping and float trips are my jam.

I've got a soft spot for RV adventures – cue the YouTube videos.

Sports fanatic alert! Sand volleyball is my game, and I play to win. Need a teammate? Count me in!

I LIVE for concerts, festivals, and food truck events. The thrill of live music, diverse eats, and the festival vibe – I'm there soaking it all in.

Picture this: My daughters and I defied the storm and danced in the rain of a tropical tempest – because why not make memories in the midst of chaos?

I ran barefoot across a mountain, embracing the raw, untamed energy of nature.

The first time I boarded a plane, I flew the darn thing. Who needs a co-pilot when you've got me in the cockpit?

Dingo encounters got a bit wild when one mischievous pup decided to chew up my camera strap – a small price for a memorable wildlife interaction.

Surviving a mountain descent in a white-out blizzard? Check. Sometimes the most epic adventures happen when nature throws its wildest cards.

Spontaneity is my middle name, waking up and deciding a road trip is needed is practically a morning routine.

But wait, there's more – not just a globetrotter, I'm a certified Travel Advisor and Cruise Specialist, ready to turn your vacation dreams into reality. Oh, and did I mention I'm an ordained minister too? Life is an adventure you won't want to miss; let's make every moment an unforgettable adventure!

Welcome to my wild and whimsical world. Hold onto your hat – you're in for a ride of daring and pure fun!


I'm so ready...are you?



If you're ready to turn the ordinary into extraordinary, hit me up – because every moment is a masterpiece waiting to be created!

Thrilled to have you on this adventure with me! Seriously, your presence is like the cherry on top of my excitement sundae. Let's dive into the awesome journey ahead – because making new friends and creating magical moments is what it's all about! Can't wait to get to know you, laugh together, and share in the joy of friendship.

Welcome to the TLP tribe!

Over the last decade, I've been your go-to guru for all things planning, location scouting, and even curating the perfect outfits. I've assisted countless clients in turning their visions into reality, and now, I'm ready to share that wealth of knowledge with you! Got questions, uncertainties, or just want to bounce around some creative ideas? Don't hesitate – reach out, and let's make your dreams come to life!

Your journey to a picture-perfect experience starts with a simple conversation.

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