Picking out your portrait session wardrobe is like assembling the coolest squad for a timeless photo party! I mean, these pictures are going to be around for a while. Still, you shouldn't stress out about it too much - no need to break a sweat. I've got three style commandments for your outfit game:

The comfort factor is the MVP of your outfit game. If you're stuck in an itchy sweater or a dress that feels like a constrictor, it's game over for a happy shoot. Trust me, your face spills the tea on garment grievances – no need for that kind of drama!

To ensure comfort, I've got pro-tips: give those outfits a test run at home for a whole day (just keep the snacks at a safe distance, spill-proof style). Before you declare them the chosen ones, channel your inner supermodel – sit, stand, pose, do a happy dance. It's like a fashion rehearsal to make sure you're signing up for a day of ease and not a tango with discomfort. Happy, comfy vibes only!

It's all about capturing the authentic you. That's why I steer clear of a one-size-fits-all client closet. Every image from our session should shout out your unique style, personality, and vibe – it's the essence of you we're after so let's keep it real and rock your style!

No need to dive into a fashion realm that doesn't resonate with your daily vibe. If leather leggings or a flowing dress aren't your usual suspects, we won't force a style makeover in just one hour. And hey, if you're eyeing something new, let it blend seamlessly with your existing wardrobe.

The goal is to enhance, not transform – so you feel effortlessly fabulous, just like you.

Embrace your true self but sprinkle in some extra pizzazz! It's your time to shine, so don't shy away from beautiful, bold prints, eye-catching jewelry, and shoes that are both stunning and comfy. Let those details be the secret sauce that elevates your picture-perfect look – so amp it up, layer it on, and let's capture the fabulous you!

And guess what? Layers are the unsung heroes, no matter the season! Picture a tank top with a sheer cardigan sizzling in the summer or rocking hats, blazers, and silk scarves for that spring flair. Fall and winter? Time to cozy up with textured wonders like knitwear, fuzzy faux fur, and a touch of velvet luxury.

Start With Color

Let's talk color harmony, planning is like painting a masterpiece, and the canvas begins with your wardrobe palette. Forget about strict matching – we're all about that coordinated, harmonious vibe.

Start by blending complimentary neutral tones and sprinkle in some pops of a vibrant accent color. It's like orchestrating a symphony of hues, making each piece play its unique note in perfect harmony. For family shoots, consider a spectrum of shades within your chosen palette, allowing each member to bring their own color story to the frame.

The aim? A pulled-together, coordinated ensemble that's effortlessly chic – the kind that says, "We didn't plan this, but look how fabulous we all look together!" It's all about that natural, coordinated feel without diving into the "matchy" or "uniformed" territory. Let the colors dance, and let's create a visual masterpiece!

Layers & Accessories

Style with layers and accessories! It's like having a fashion wand that adds visual charm and lets each family member rock different vibes throughout the session. Think of it as your own on-the-go "wardrobe change" between shots!

A quick swap of items like sweaters or jackets can transform the entire look and keep things fresh. It's the secret sauce to creating a variety of captivating "looks" without missing a beat.

And oh, let's not forget the power of carefully chosen accessories – scarves, statement jewelry, or a beloved hat can be sparks of personal style and personality. They're the special touches that can make each family member the shining "star" of certain poses.

So, layer it up, accessorize like a pro, and let's capture all those dazzling moments!

Timeless, Not Trendy

Let's dive deeper into the wisdom of timeless style! While keeping up with the latest trends adds a dash of fun to your everyday fashion, when it comes to crafting family portraits, a classic touch is the secret ingredient.

Picture those wardrobe choices that defy the ebb and flow of passing trends – these are your timeless favorites, the stalwarts of style that refuse to be dated by the seasons. Think of them as the pillars, adding an everlasting grace to your portraits. They're not mere outfits; they're a visual ode to enduring sophistication.

Let's gracefully sidestep the current trends and veer toward classics that will cast your family portraits in eternal chicness and ageless allure.

It's not just about seizing a moment; it's about fashioning a visual legacy that boldly withstands the winds of ever-shifting styles.

Your Home Plays A Role

Don't just pick your wardrobe; vibe with your space! If you're thinking of showcasing those portraits on a grand canvas or framed prints, meant to steal the spotlight in your family room or dining area, let's play it savvy. Take a stroll through your rooms, soak in the wall colors, and tap into the overall coolness of the decor.

Your wardrobe choices should be in sync with the hip vibes of those spaces. Imagine your family portraits seamlessly blending with the aesthetics – it's like curating your home gallery in tune with the rhythm of your style. So, as you plan your fashion game, let the walls and decor be your muse.

It's not just about dressing up for a photo, it's about creating a visual symphony that grooves perfectly with your home's chic beat.

A few random points:

All About The Hair

Haircuts & Styles

All About The Hair

Haircuts & Styles

Let's talk locks! Schedule haircuts, coloring, and styling 2 to 3 weeks before the shoot. This timeframe lets your hair settle into that effortlessly chic, true-to-you vibe.

Be Bold

But Don't overdo it!

Be Bold

But Don't overdo it!

Opt for a clean look by avoiding bold logos or sports team graphics on your attire—they tend to be distracting in photos. Keep it simple and let the focus be on you!

Every Last Detail

feet matter more than you think

Every Last Detail

feet matter more than you think

Step into style by ensuring your shoes match your wardrobe vibe. Pay attention to sock colors and that pedicure game – we're all about those details! And hey, if the mood strikes, going barefoot is always an option for that carefree chic.


Dressing for a Spring Session

The birds are chirping, the buds are blooming, and the snow has officially melted. That means it’s time for your spring family session.

- Let the season shine with playful accessories like a butterfly necklace or an insect-printed tee.
- Channel the colors of spring. draw inspiration from nature outside your window with greens, pinks, yellows, beige, khaki, and blues.
- Layer up! Spring can be both warm and have a chill all at once, so come prepared.

Dressing for a Summer Session


Beat the heat with these sizzling wardrobe tips for a perfect summer family photo session:

- Opt for breezy fabrics that keep you cool and comfortable.
- Amp up the summer accessory game – think stylish sun hats for the ladies and oversized sunglasses for everyone.
- Consider bringing along props that scream summer vibes, like beach balls, balloons, giant lollipops, or ice cream cones.
- Keep those feet happy with comfy footwear options such as flip flops, loafers, open-toed shoes, or spotless sneakers.


Dressing for an Autumn Session

Embrace the cozy vibes of fall for your family session with these style tips:

-Opt for colors that harmonize with the fall foliage. Stick to a palette that effortlessly blends into autumn's spectrum: think earthy reds, burnt oranges, navy blue, dark purple, creamy nude, and more.
- Layer up! Don't shy away from scarves, blazers, cardigans, or hats to add that extra touch of warmth and style.
- Step into the season with the right footwear. Consider riding, comfy fur-lined boots, or go for loafers or flats.

Dressing for a Winter Session


Snowflakes, snowmen, white canvases, glittering icy trees? Winter’s cold but it makes for some seriously stunning images.

- Add a burst of color to the snowy backdrop. Opt for vibrant shades like bright red, navy, yellow, or green – anything that pops against the white canvas.
-Have fun with prints! Gingham, polka dots, stripes – mix it up for a playful winter vibe.
-Play up the winter factor. We love seeing fur-lined boots or hats, chunky scarves, adorable gloves, etc.
-Stay toasty by layering up!

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