If you’re reading this, you’ve probably had your session and are looking for what's next or your image gallery is ready. YAY!

Below are some tips on how to get the most out of the photos in your gallery.

Using your gallery link, you can:

Download the high-resolution images

  • Determine privacy options for your gallery before sharing with friends and family
  • Share your photos with others on social media, via email, or by "granting" guest access
  • Use the ‘Favorites’ feature to select and review your top picks
  • Print your photos and create other keepsakes; your gallery is connected to my partner labs, which ensures consistent color and quality when printing.

The Homescreen

The first time you log in, as a ‘Client’, you will be prompted to set a password to your gallery. Next, you will be taken to your homepage.

Below your home photo, you’ll see the navigation bar:

If your session included multiple settings they may be broken up into scenes here. Also, if you have had previous sessions with me you will have access to those session images as well. All within the same gallery! Directly under the navigation bar, you may see a slideshow, as well.

Viewing Your Gallery

First things first after looking through your gallery, I always recommend you download your image selections. You will do this by clicking the download button and selecting a full download of your high-resolution photos. It will take some time (these are BIG files), but you can set an email notification for when the download is complete. If your session includes a selected number of photos you will be allowed to download that amount of images and not the entire gallery.

As you are viewing your images in the gallery if you hover over the individual photos, you'll be able to:

  • Add to your ‘Favorites’ list
  • Select a photo to share on social media
  • See print options for a particular photo
  • Mark photos as private (so that no guest visitors will see)

After you have reviewed your photos, marked your favorites, etc...you can share individual photos or the entire gallery with friends and family from the top navigation bar!

Guest Access:

  • Guests will see all images, except for those that you have marked as ‘Private’
  • You, as the Client, have access to the high-resolution image. Guests have access web-size photos, suitable for social media sharing but not printing. Guest downloads may also include a watermark.

*I recommend you download your images to your computer this not only ensures the best printing quality but every phone is different with were the images are stored and it can get frustrating when trying to locate the files.*

  • Guests will have access to the Print Shop, for any image that they wish to have printed. Printed images will be high-resolution.

Time to Look at Prints & Products!

This is where I really love the online gallery feature. Your gallery has a built-in store! From here your will be able to print directly from one of my trusted labs and you see what your photos look like on different options! Clients are under no obligation to order prints or products through the Print Shop and have the rights to print wherever they desire but this is a convenient way to get them ordered while knowing you'll receive high-quality prints and/or products.