Now that the weather is warming up I have been getting a lot of messages about mini-sessions and if I offer them. If I am being completely honest, I don't really love them. I enjoy getting to see all my clients, but too often feel the sessions seem rushed and there is a lot of pressure on everyone involved. Especially kiddos. The last thing I want for anyone to feel is pressured or stressed at one of our sessions! So what's the plan for 2021 mini-sessions?

Our Plan for Offering 2021 Mini-Sessions

I hope to offer a few “limited edition mini-session” dates; barring any unforeseen disasters like a global pandemic. These sessions will be longer than a true mini-session but shorter than a full hour-long family session with us offering four sessions scheduled back-to-back in 25-minute increments. This will allow all four sessions to get pretty good golden light AND give us enough time to get a little creative, not feel so rushed, and give the kiddos some time to warm up to me.

Sessions will be offered to former clients first!

Hear me out! Yes, it sounds harsh but the reason we are offering former clients these sessions first is really two-fold. First, my former clients and their kiddos know me. Since I’m not a complete stranger and they know generally how my sessions run. Secondly, I know about my clients and their kids too as many times we become friends! I know which kiddo is the jokester, who is the shy one, and who needs a lot of activity. With new clients booking full family sessions, we have the luxury of time that these sessions do not give us. Full sessions are where we get to know each other and warm up together throughout the session. Short sessions don’t have this luxury nor do they offer much wiggle room! We will, of course, consider all booking requests on an individual basis. :)

Limited Edition Sessions do I we plan on offering in 2021

Below are the sessions we plan to offer. Please note they may have set dates and time slots along with set locations. These sessions and locations may be booked on other dates though they would need to be booked as a regular session vs a limited edition. If it rains or we have bad weather on these dates, we will reschedule for a date that is available. Your retainer fee will transfer if we need to reschedule another date. Sunflower sessions are always subject to change depending on the blooms.

  • & Me Spring Sessions {Offered all of April}
  • BFF Sessions {May}
  • Paint Sessions {June}
  • Sunflower Sessions {Late June/Early July}
  • Creek Sessions {July}
  • Cocoa & Campfire Sessions {September}
  • Fall Sessions {October}
  • Holiday Sessions {November}