Most of you know but some of you may not; my daughter Caidence is autistic/has autism/is neurodivergent. This past weekend she FINALLY let me take a few photos of her! Y'all, I almost cried when, before the session, Caide was looking through poses she likes and practicing them at home. It has been 3 or 4 years since she has let me take her photo with anything other than my phone so the pressure was on! I wanted to make sure that I truly captured the essence of my "little" girl. Captured all her quirky moments, the various facial expressions she makes and most of all showed her the person I love and see daily!

The 50-minute session was a blast, we joked around, made fun of ourselves, and avoided the rain by minutes. In the end, she approved 58 photos! (55 more than she originally said she would allow.) Talk about a win!

As we were looking through the images together, picking out our favorites, we stumbled upon this beauty that I accidentally took while setting up my lens baby. While there are so many things technically wrong with it - it is our favorite. To me this captures Caidence perfectly.

Caide may go slow in a world that tells her to move fast and that is okay! Perhaps she moves slowly, feeling the need to catch her breath. Maybe she's never caught it. I know firsthand how the world can move so fast, grabbing your wrists and pull you along for a race you never wanted to run. Sometimes I admire how she lives at her own pace, moves to the beat of her own drum, and never lets it bring her down. It might be atypical, but it’s perfectly valid...and it is perfectly her!