I want to make THIS very clear.

My team here at Trisha Lynn Photography is supportive of love & marriage for the LGBTQ2+ community. We strive to be allies to our friends & clients. T

I once had a bride ask me if I was "gay friendly" after we had been discussing us shooting her wedding. This conversation has weighed on me since; not only was I heartbroken that she would even have to ask this, honestly, I was a little pissed off for her! Never in my life have I had to ask a photographer if they would photograph me and my SO because we are a heterosexual couple.

So I want to make sure that everyone knows, for sure. Yes! We are so excited that marriage equality has come to pass! We would love to work with anyone celebrating love and commitment. You deserve someone who won’t just pose you and your partner into a list of gender-normative, “who’s-the-girl” wedding poses. You deserve someone who will celebrate you and not just tolerate you!

I am sure we can agree, now more than ever, we need to remember that love is love!